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July 29, 2015

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eMarketer Attention! 2015 — October 27, 2015

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TV Campaigns Extend Reach via Facebook Ads

Advertisers are leveraging Facebook video to stretch the reach of their TV campaigns, particularly among millennials. As video placements on the social network continue to gain momentum, their share of Facebook ad dollars is rapidly increasing globally. Full Article

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Your Guide to Extending Your Addressable Audience

You think you have quality data partners that help you find your audiences online. But, are you sure? Learn how to qualify data partners to ensure you have the deepest insights to build the best audiences that drive digital marketing success at scale. Download our guide to qualifying data partners today.

Want Consumers to Share Info? Be Transparent

Concerns about data protection hold back internet users from handing over too many details. Based on recent research, transparency goes a long way in easing these worries, with consumers more likely to provide information if they know it will only be used by the company they're sharing it with as well as how it will be used. Full Article

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How to Master Remarketing in an Omnichannel World

Right now, prospects are visiting your website and calling into your contact center. Most of them won't convert. In a week, 40% will lose interest. Download the MAKING IT WORK: Mastering Remarketing in an Omnichannel World eBook to learn how to quickly re-engage hot leads and prospects, across multiple channels!

DMPs Drive Data-Driven Marketing Success

Data management platforms (DMPs) are one type of marketing technology marketers turn to in order to make sense of the piles of customer data they've collected. Data standardization, better personalization across channels and actionable data sets are just a few of the benefits offered by DMPs. Full Article

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Early-bird pricing available through August 15 NEW YORK, NY (July 17, 2015)—Tickets for eMarketer ...


October 27, 2015, New York, NY
eMarketer Attention! 2015 will center on the most prevalent issue facing marketers today: how to capture consumers' attention and engage with them in a fragmenting and distracting digital world.
August 10-13, 2015, Boston, MA
eMarketer is a media sponsor of eTail East 2015 Conference.
September 13-16, 2015, Coronado, CA
eMarketer is a research partner of the 2015 iMedia Brand Summit.

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