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eMarketer Interview

eBay Incorporates Machine Learning to Overhaul Email Marketing Platform

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An interview with

Alex Weinstein

Director, Marketing Technology and CRM, eBay

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

eBay is no stranger to sending batch-and-blast emails—for years, that was the company’s primary email strategy. But as customer expectations grew, the strategy—and the technology that supports it—had to mature. Alex Weinstein, director of marketing technology and CRM (customer relationship management) at eBay, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how the company built its own personalization platform, and explained how the platform now supports a number of marketing and advertising channels.


eMarketer: For a while, eBay’s approach to email marketing was largely batch-and-blast. Why did that eventually stop working for you?

Alex Weinstein: In the past, we had our marketing operations organization handle email. If our fashion marketing team wanted to let customers know about a shoe sale, they would ask our marketing operations team to create an ad hoc email that would go out to several million customers and advertise that shoe sale. That approach was OK, but the problem was that it was addressing our customers in large groups. There wasn’t as much one-to-one personalization as we wanted.