Will Blockchain Blow Up Digital Advertising Paradigms? - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

Will Blockchain Blow Up Digital Advertising Paradigms?

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An interview with

Ian McKee

Founder and CEO, Vuulr

Topics: AdvertisingMarketing

Interview summary

Blockchain is best known as the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But it also has wide-ranging applications that have yet to be fully explored, including the potential to disrupt the way digital advertising currently works. eMarketer’s David Green spoke with Ian McKee, founder and CEO of Singapore-based Vuulr, which aims to disrupt the broadcast content economy using blockchain technology, about how blockchain could remake digital advertising practices.


eMarketer: What are the problems that blockchain solves?

Ian McKee: The first is the trust question. With a single view of the distributed ledger that blockchain provides, you no longer need individual parties involved in a transaction to keep their own separate records. The blockchain mechanism provides them with the visibility, audit trail, trust and immutability they need.