Why Premium Publishers Are in a Prime Position for 2018 - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

Why Premium Publishers Are in a Prime Position for 2018

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An interview with

Dan Greenberg

Co-Founder and CEO, Sharethrough

Topics: VideoMediaAdvertising

Interview summary

Premium publishers have had their share of woes over the past several years thanks to ad blocking, ad fraud, brand safety and much more. But change is on the horizon. eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher spoke with Dan Greenberg, co-founder and CEO of native advertising solutions provider Sharethrough, about the next movement in digital advertising that is likely to benefit premium publishers immensely, as well as the major drawback of video advertising.


eMarketer: What’s happening in the digital advertising landscape now that will have ramifications in 2018?

Dan Greenberg: Digital advertising started with people putting banners on websites and targeting users based on what sites they were on. These sites had audiences people trusted, so they wanted to reach them. Then Google and other companies invented audience-based buying, which was all about cookies. Advertisers could find moms interested in buying cars, for example, and target them everywhere on the internet, no matter the site. That carried on for 15 years.