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eMarketer Interview

Why JetBlue Is Selective About Its Engagements on Social Media

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Morgan Johnston

Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Media Strategist, JetBlue Airways


Interview summary

Social media has gotten noisy—from reasonable requests to angry complaints, consumers use social networks to connect with brands in different ways. But despite companies’ best efforts, not every customer problem can be solved with a tweet or a Facebook reply. Morgan Johnston, manager of corporate communications and social media strategist at JetBlue Airways, spoke to eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how the airline identifies opportunities for “quality engagements.”


eMarketer: What is JetBlue’s approach to social listening?

Morgan Johnston: At any given moment, the social media team is watching for every mention of JetBlue. They’re even hand-tagging mentions across Twitter and Facebook. We also do regular scrapes of what’s being said in various online forums and blogs, as well as on Instagram. We look for opportunities to recover negative situations while they’re still occurring, and we look for opportunities to engage customers in a really positive manner to enforce positivity during their travel as well.