Why Buy-Side Platforms Are Saying Goodbye to Some Sellers - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

Why Buy-Side Platforms Are Saying Goodbye to Some Sellers

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An interview with

Erik Requidan

Vice President, Sales and Programmatic Strategy, Intermarkets

Topics: Advertising

Interview summary

The ad tech landscape has long been crowded and cluttered, but many—including Erik Requidan, vice president of sales and programmatic strategy at digital advertising firm Intermarkets—consider header bidding a catalyst for weeding out the weaker players. eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher spoke with Requidan about the strain header bidding places on buy-side platforms and what they are doing to combat it.


eMarketer: How has header bidding changed the programmatic advertising ecosystem?

Erik Requidan: Many of the early advantages of header bidding were on the publisher’s side in the form of yield optimization and yield strategy. But for buyers, there’s a lot more signal noise out there.