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eMarketer Interview

What's Plaguing Programmatic Advertising?

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An interview with

Paul Josephsen

CMO, Adslot

Topics: MarketingAdvertising

Interview summary

Advertisers love the convenience of buying media programmatically, but that doesn’t mean the programmatic space is free of problems. On the contrary, new issues continue to arise, especially as fraud and fake news become more prevalent. Paul Josephsen, CMO of Adslot, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about some of the key programmatic challenges, and how technology can help to solve them.


eMarketer: What are some of the biggest problems in the programmatic space that you see today?

Paul Josephsen: First and foremost, there are brand safety issues. Even when brands think they know where they’re running ads, they don’t totally ever know. Transparency is another big issue. Publisher revenue from media has gone down, but technology providers are still taking a massive cut of what’s supposed to be working media dollars. And finally, there’s fraud. It’s not just fake news that brands have to fight against—it’s clickbait as well.