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eMarketer Interview

What Your Loyalty App Should Be Doing, but Probably Isn't

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Gabe Weiss

Director, Strategy Lead, SapientNitro

Interview summary

Many retailers create mobile apps to give customers access to their loyalty program on smartphones and tablets, but oftentimes these apps go unused. One way to engage customers with a loyalty app is to have it act as a shopping companion and provide valuable content beyond the transaction. eMarketer’s Tricia Carr spoke with Gabe Weiss, director and strategy lead at digital agency SapientNitro, about what a successful retail app should offer and the additional features members want from it.


eMarketer: Retailers are aware of the importance of mobile for customer loyalty, but what is the biggest missed opportunity in the space?

Gabe Weiss: There’s beacon technology, and there’s the concept that people make the choice to install a retail app and give you their information so that you can provide offers of value, but retailers don’t use it.