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eMarketer Interview

What Will Happen to the 30-Second TV Spot in 2017

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Jen Catto

CMO, Tremor Video

Topics: Advertising

Interview summary

As CMO of video advertising software company Tremor Video, Jen Catto works with advertisers and agencies to better align their TV and digital video ad buying strategies. Catto recently spoke with eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher about the top video trends she expects to play out in 2017, including greater convergence between TV and video and the maturation of the 30-second spot.


eMarketer: What’s top of mind at Tremor Video as we move into 2017?

Jen Catto: Television is on my mind right now. We’re living in a world where digital may knock TV off its pedestal. 2017 is the year of the convergence tipping point. Digital video is TV and TV is digital video—they’re almost synonymous on the consumer behavior front, and advertisers are starting to think this way of their spend.