What Marketers in Canada Must Do to Retain Top Influencer Talent - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

What Marketers in Canada Must Do to Retain Top Influencer Talent

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An interview with

Rachel David

Owner, Hashtag Communications

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

Like their counterparts in the US, marketers in Canada are increasingly sourcing influencers to help them connect with target audiences. However, the influencer marketing landscape in Canada is nascent compared with its magnitude in the US. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke with Rachel David, a Canada-based influencer and owner of influencer talent relations agency Hashtag Communications, about the rising cost of influencer marketing, and why it’s a challenge for marketers to retain local talent.


eMarketer: What industries are best suited to benefit from influencer marketing in Canada?

Rachel David: Every brand should have an influencer marketing strategy—it’s all about picking the right fit. If a brand doesn’t work with influencers now, it means the other bank, grocery chain, film company or clothing brand that’s using an influencer is getting a head start and a better rate. As influencers in Canada become more in demand, influencer marketing gets more expensive.