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eMarketer Interview

What Makes Apps Thrive in China’s Mobile Landscape

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An interview with

Josh Ong

Director, Global Brand Strategy and Communications, Cheetah Mobile

Topics: VideoMobile

Interview summary

China’s unique social and economic conditions cause its mobile app landscape to differ from most other parts of the world, and apps with certain characteristics have a greater chance of going viral in the market. eMarketer’s Man-Chung Cheung spoke with Josh Ong, Cheetah Mobile’s director of global brand strategy and communications, about why some of China’s most popular apps rose to the top—and whether their success can be exported to other markets.


eMarketer: What are some of the fastest-growing app types in China?

Josh Ong: One of the top ones is short video apps like Douyin, Kuaishou and Huoshan. The social aspect of these apps creates a lot of virality for sharing videos. We’ve also found adoption not just in the mega-urban metropolis, but also in lower-tier cities and almost rural areas of China.