What Consumer Trends in Asia-Pacific Will Impact Shopping Behaviors? - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

What Consumer Trends in Asia-Pacific Will Impact Shopping Behaviors?

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An interview with

Delon Wang

Manager of Trends, Asia-Pacific, Mintel

Interview summary

Consumers in Asia-Pacific have a high interest in emerging technologies like internet of things (IoT) and virtual reality (VR), but at the same time they’re increasingly concerned about the environment. And all of these factors are impacting the way they shop. eMarketer’s David Green spoke with Delon Wang, manager of trends for Asia-Pacific at global market research and insight firm Mintel, about the consumer behaviors having the most impact on brands operating in Asia-Pacific.


eMarketer: What technology trends are on the rise among middle-class consumers in Asia-Pacific?

Delon Wang: We discovered from a recent survey in China that 23% of respondents said they already own a smart surveillance camera, and 57% said they’re interested in owning one. Consumers are very interested in owning a suite of IoT-enabled products and wearables that are linked to and controlled from their smartphones. In Taiwan, for example, there is a safety-tracker GPS wearable that allows you to press one button to notify your friends and family of your whereabouts if you feel unsafe.