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eMarketer Interview

What Ad Buyers Want from Programmatic Connected TV vs. OTT

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An interview with

Eric Hoffert

Senior Vice President, Video Technology, AppNexus

Topics: VideoMediaAdvertising

Interview summary

As programmatic buying continues to permeate digital video advertising, newer forms of inventory such as connected TV and over-the-top (OTT) ads inevitably catch marketers’ eyes. eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher spoke with Eric Hoffert, senior vice president of video technology at ad tech firm AppNexus, about the different sources of programmatic connected TV and OTT inventory, and what buyers are doing with those ads.


eMarketer: What does the landscape look like today for programmatic over-the-top and connected TV inventory?

Eric Hoffert: At AppNexus, we see a high degree of interest and some meaningful activity from buyers that are early adopters of connected TV. The timing is right, given that the programmatic infrastructure is now sufficiently advanced to be able to support connected TV and OTT. This year things came together enough in terms of supply sources, DSP [demand-side platform] functionality for these sources and other aspects of having access to identifiers or IP addresses in order to deliver on campaigns.