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eMarketer Interview

Using the Right Technology and Data to Keep Mobile App Users Engaged

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An interview with

Lou Orfanos

Head of Sales and Marketing, Localytics

Topics: MobileMarketing

Interview summary

When marketers first started creating their own branded apps, user acquisition was their top priority. But they eventually realized that a huge user base doesn’t neccesarily translate to high app engagement, and many users abandon an app after a few tries. eMarketer’s Tricia Carr spoke with Lou Orfanos, head of sales and marketing at mobile engagement platform Localytics, about tactics and technologies that are helping marketers build up their apps’ active and engaged user bases.


eMarketer: What’s the state of the mobile app market right now? What does it take to keep app users engaged?

Lou Orfanos: Marketers are starting to dig in on user engagement. Typically, user engagement was driven by the product team, which thought, “We need to have an app that’s elegant and has a delightful experience without any bugs.” Now marketers who are focused on growth are getting involved with their company’s app and looking at how the experience can be augmented with different pieces of messaging, offers and personalization that are relevant to each user. This is what will make apps stickier.