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eMarketer Interview

The Truth About Teens and Their Social Media Habits

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Tiffany Zhong

Founder, Zebra Intelligence

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

Like most adults, marketers do their best to understand teens, but it’s not easy to follow their changing digital habits and preferences. Twenty-year-old Tiffany Zhong recently left the University of California, Berkeley, and founded Zebra Intelligence to do just that—help marketers keep up with this cohort. Zhong spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about why teens are over Facebook, what annoys them most online and why marketers shouldn’t underestimate this demographic.


eMarketer: Adults often accuse teens of having short attention spans. Is this why teens cycle through new social media apps so quickly?

Tiffany Zhong: Teens do cycle through apps quickly, but it’s not because of short attention spans. It’s because the novelty just wears off. With an app, unless new, fun features are added to keep users engaged, users are going to leave, which is exactly what happened to Houseparty [a group video chat app]. That’s why Snap and Instagram are iterating and adding new features quickly. They’re adding new augmented reality filters and trying to be different and fun.