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eMarketer Interview

'Total Time Read' Measurement Matters for Content Platform Medium

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An interview with

Joe Purzycki

Head of Partnerships, Medium

Topics: MarketingAdvertising

Interview summary

Ever since its launch four years ago, digital publishing network Medium, a venture started by blogger and Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, has been measuring the success of content posted on its site based not on the scale of reach but on time spent reading and engaging with articles—commonly known as the total time read (TTR) metric. As the company works to monetize its own audience and that of its publishing partners through branded content, the TTR metric is becoming the basis for pricing and selling such programs. Joe Purzycki, Medium’s head of partnerships, spoke with eMarketer’s Bryan Yeager about attention metrics and using TTR as a currency for selling branded content.


eMarketer: In your view, what’s the current state of using attention-oriented metrics to buy and sell digital media?

Joe Purzycki: I feel like this has been a topic that’s been in the industry for a while that now seems to be gaining more momentum. If you look at the broader spectrum, we’re seeing more and more media companies move toward models of monetization that include engagement of some kind. That shift started to happen a while back. You can look at exchanges like Twitter or Facebook and say, “OK, so engagement was one step beyond the click, but where does time or attention come into that?”