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eMarketer Interview

These Technologies Make B2B Events Rich with Data

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An interview with

Kurt Miller

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Planning, George P. Johnson


Interview summary

Once just an opportunity to network or get some facetime with existing and potential customers, business-to-business (B2B) events are now an opportunity for companies to gather a wealth of data on attendees—data that can later drive other marketing actions. Kurt Miller, senior vice president of strategy and planning at George P. Johnson, an agency that specializes in events, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how B2B events are evolving into treasure troves of data thanks to new technologies.


eMarketer: In what ways can B2B events drive thought leadership and nurture buyers? Are they a form of content marketing?

Kurt Miller: There are different ways of looking at it. Thought leadership can come in the form of content in pre-event communications, for example. Thought leadership also takes center stage during the event through presentations and demonstrations, or subject matter experts speaking face-to-face with people. Increasingly, companies are now also repurposing event content and giving it a longer shelf life.