Should Marketers Ditch Channel-Specific KPIs? - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

Should Marketers Ditch Channel-Specific KPIs?

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An interview with

Wayne Townsend

President, Technology, Epsilon

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

Marketers often have a hard time meeting aggressive channel-specific key performance indicators. But if those KPIs are superseded by a holistic measure of success, it enables marketers to more easily tackle the complex task of attribution. Wayne Townsend, president of technology at Epsilon, spoke with eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher about how marketers can and should transition to more meaningful KPIs.


eMarketer: What sets apart companies that are far along in adopting a more advanced, holistic attribution model?

Wayne Townsend: Companies that have made progress in transforming their attribution practice tend to be more organized around customers in their marketing department, and they tend to be more aligned to customer segments than to channels. They measure performance with a more customer-oriented KPI that’s indicative of the experience the customer gets.