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eMarketer Interview

The Secret to Successful Native Advertising Is Trust

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An interview with

Adam Aston

Vice President and Executive Editorial Director, T Brand Studio, The New York Times

Topics: MarketingAdvertising

Interview summary

With the rise of native advertising, brands are turning to publishers to help them create relevant content. But an effective partnership requires a great deal of trust on the brand’s part. Adam Aston, vice president and executive editorial director of T Brand Studio at The New York Times, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how publishers can help brands tell compelling stories.


eMarketer: How does The New York Times work with brands to develop native advertising content?

Adam Aston: Over the past three years we’ve developed a pretty clear formula. Companies come to us with their brand agenda, and we fuse it with our expertise to create something that lives naturally on our site. Our goal is to develop content that looks like it’s at home when our readers click through into it.