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eMarketer Interview

The Risks of Mobile Video Advertising in Canada

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An interview with

Patrick Hopf

Co-Founder and President, SourceKnowledge

Topics: AdvertisingVideo

Interview summary

Brand marketers in Canada are banking on mobile video advertising to get in front of the medium’s growing audience. And while reach is high for mobile video ads, the risk is, too: Brands can easily run afoul of bad execution and measurement issues, according to Patrick Hopf, co-founder and president of performance advertising solutions provider SourceKnowledge. He spoke with eMarketer’s Sean Creamer about the state of mobile video advertising in Canada.


eMarketer: What role does mobile video advertising serve for brands in Canada?

Patrick Hopf: Brands use video on mobile to attract attention from a top-of-funnel perspective. The catch is that advertising in this manner has to be done well because there could be a counter-reaction to forcing a user on a mobile phone to watch a video. For instance, a video may run too long, be too aggravating or inevitably provide a bad experience.