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eMarketer Interview

A Publisher's Perspective on Cross-Channel Attribution Challenges

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An interview with

Peter Foster

General Manager, Global Advertising and Brand Solutions, Match Group

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

As consumers embark on increasingly complex buying journeys that touch multiple channels, marketers continue to struggle with cross-channel attribution. But where do publishers fit in the attribution equation, and can they ease marketers’ pain? Peter Foster, general manager of global advertising and brand solutions at Match Group, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about the role publishers play in cross-channel attribution and discussed the limitations of existing attribution models.


eMarketer: What are marketers’ biggest cross-channel attribution challenges?

Peter Foster: The main challenge from a marketer’s perspective is being able to manage user frequency, performance and conversion on all of the channels where they buy media. Many marketers are still struggling to connect activity between mobile web, desktop and apps, so it’s our job as a publisher with a great deal of insight into our audience to leverage technology that arms marketers with the data they need to make media decisions.