For Programmatic to Rise in Asia-Pacific, the Insertion Order Must Die - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

For Programmatic to Rise in Asia-Pacific, the Insertion Order Must Die

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Matt Harty

Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific, The Trade Desk

Topics: Advertising

Interview summary

This year, demand-side platform (DSP) The Trade Desk is bulking up its presence in China—a country notorious for its lack of transparency in the digital advertising market. Matt Harty, The Trade Desk’s senior vice president of Asia-Pacific, spoke with eMarketer’s David Green about the state of programmatic in Asia-Pacific and the increasing demand for transparency in China’s digital advertising ecosystem.


eMarketer: Some projections show India and China powering digital ad spend growth in Asia-Pacific above the global average, with robust growth in Southeast Asia but with spending falling in Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Does this match your experience?

Matt Harty: We haven’t had that exact experience. We don’t do regular digital marketing—we’re programmatic-only—and the programmatic segment is growing at a fairly large clip everywhere. We’re seeing explosive levels of growth in the Southeast Asia markets: Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. We’re certainly not seeing any slackness in the Hong Kong or the Singapore market—it’s quite the contrary.