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eMarketer Interview

Pharmaceutical Brands Can Use Programmatic Technology, Too

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An interview with

Jack Hogan

CTO, Lifescript

Topics: MarketingAdvertising

Interview summary

For pharmaceutical companies, deploying programmatic technology is a sticky subject. Because of strict privacy and patient protection laws, pharma companies are limited in how they can target individual consumers, which makes programmatic advertising more of a guessing game. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Jack Hogan, CTO at medical publisher Lifescript, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how pharma companies can use publishers’ data to leverage programmatic technology.


eMarketer: How can medical publishers create proxy audiences to power programmatic technology for pharma brands?

Jack Hogan: Medical publishers have vast audiences of opt-in consumers with targetable IDs and declared health interests. We’re talking about first-party data, not third-party health and medical data, which is inaccurate 50% of the time. By decoupling that first-party, declared health data from any private information, publishers enable brands to reach desired audiences with specific medical interests across the entire ad ecosystem—without breaking any HIPAA rules.