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eMarketer Interview

Opportunities and Challenges in Finding the Right Marketing Talent

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Erica Seidel

Founder and Principal, The Connective Good


Interview summary

The Connective Good is a recruiting firm that specializes in finding and placing tech- and data-oriented marketing leadership talent. Its founder and principal, Erica Seidel, spoke with eMarketer’s Bryan Yeager about the trends and challenges in hiring the right people to build modern marketing organizations.


eMarketer: What trends are you seeing in finding and placing candidates for those roles?

Erica Seidel: The main theme this year is that marketers are becoming general managers first and marketers second. I think that’s because the purview of marketing has grown. It’s not just a cost center. It can be a profit center. And the scope has evolved. It’s not just the typical four Ps, but the overall customer experience or overall innovation. Increasingly, digital marketing is just marketing, and having a separate digital silo just seems a little outdated.