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eMarketer Interview

On WeChat and Other Platforms, Grata.co Connects Brands with Customers

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Andrew Schorr

Co-Founder and CEO, Grata.co


Interview summary

Grata.co is a business-to-business (B2B) service that can integrate with chat apps like WeChat or a business’ own app to provide customer relationship management (CRM) tools and other services to customers looking to connect with businesses and brands through messaging. As a result of Grata.co’s extensive work with brands on WeChat, CEO and co-founder Andrew Schorr has become something of an expert on the intricacies of working with China’s most popular messaging platform. eMarketer’s Rahul Chadha spoke with Schorr about the benefits that these next-generation call center services can provide both brands and customers, and some of the challenges that Western companies face in attempting to reach consumers in China on WeChat.


eMarketer: What, exactly, does Grata do?

Andrew Schorr: Grata is basically the next-generation call center or contact center built on top of the latest messaging platforms, starting with WeChat. So the experience is, a business has their official business account and are able to plug that into our third-party software. We manage the routing, escalation, content and CRM that they need to make a customer service or live agent conversation possible, and they’re all “enterprised” asynchronously through messaging.