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eMarketer Interview

Nordstrom Uses Snapchat to Target College-Age Customers

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Bryan Galipeau

Director, Social Media and Display, Nordstrom

Interview summary

Snapchat is still considered a newcomer by many brands, and few have added it to their social marketing arsenal. Department store retailer Nordstrom, however, has been using Snapchat to reach specific segments of its diverse customer base since March 2015, and directed its most recent campaign at college students. Bryan Galipeau, the retailer’s director of social media and display, spoke to eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about what makes Snapchat powerful.


eMarketer: Why is social media important to Nordstrom’s marketing strategy?

Bryan Galipeau: Each social media platform is used differently by our customers, but our goal for all of them is to bridge the gap between digital experiences and the physical world. We are a 115-year-old retailer with a longstanding brick-and-mortar presence in 121 stores. A key part of our company is the experience of Nordstrom. Through social, we aim to bring experiences that are happening in our stores to life.