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eMarketer Interview

The New Meaning of Loyalty at Dunkin' Brands

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An interview with

Wayne Townsend, President, Technology, Epsilon

Justin Unger, Director, Digital Marketing and Innovation, Dunkin’ Brands,

Interview summary

Some say that loyalty is dead, but in reality, the bar is higher than ever for consumers to stay devoted to a brand or retailer. Shoppers are looking for much more than coupons and rewards—they want a personalized experience across channels and an emotional connection with a brand. Dunkin’ Brands, with the help of data-driven marketing company Epsilon, has evolved its loyalty strategy as a result of shifting consumer expectations. Justin Unger, Dunkin’ Brands’ director of digital marketing and innovation, and Wayne Townsend, Epsilon’s president of technology, spoke with eMarketer’s Tricia Carr about what its loyalty program looks like now with the customer at the forefront.


eMarketer: Once and for all, is the loyalty program dead?

Wayne Townsend: The notion of a rewards or incentive program that solves a problem by itself is dead. Now the overall experience is the critical piece to loyalty and is what triggers consumers to engage. While a rewards program by itself is fading away, it’s becoming an imperative part of this larger experience.