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eMarketer Interview

Moving Beyond the Gimmicks with Chatbots

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Caroline Klatt

CEO, Headliner Labs

Topics: MobileMarketing

Interview summary

When integrated into the chatbot experience, artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to gather powerful customer data and drive sales, but many marketers are stuck on the idea of a one-time-use bot supporting a big campaign. Caroline Klatt, CEO of chatbot software platform Headliner Labs, spoke with eMarketer’s Tricia Carr about how AI in messaging environments can help marketers in more ways than they might realize.


eMarketer: Using AI in chatbots has been talked about in the industry for some time, but what’s happening now? What advances have been made?

Caroline Klatt: Chatbots were this big announcement, but marketers used them for branding activities that weren’t part of their holistic strategy. They were these gimmicky, campaign-specific experiences that didn’t drive sales, and it soured chatbots for a lot of consumers.