Mobile Platforms for B2B Users Must Simplify Complex Workflows - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

Mobile Platforms for B2B Users Must Simplify Complex Workflows

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An interview with

Hubert JP Jolly

Global Head of Channel and Enterprise Services, Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions

Topics: B2B

Interview summary

B2B organizations deal with a number of complex processes on a daily basis. Most transactions need multiple approvals and every monetary move must be thoroughly documented. When it comes to banking, platform providers are challenged with making these tedious tasks as seamless and streamlined as possible. Hubert JP Jolly, global head of channel and enterprise services for Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions business, spoke to eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how Citi is making the B2B user experience easier and more mobile-friendly.


eMarketer: What factors have led B2Bs to shift certain processes to digital channels such as mobile? The B2B space often moves slower than consumer-facing organizations—what did it take for B2B organizations to also get on the mobile bandwagon?

Hubert JP Jolly: Treasurers and CFOs are individual consumers in their personal lives—outside of work, they use consumer applications but while at work, they use B2B platforms. There is an increasing expectation for immediate gratification while on the go, such as when treasurers find themselves waiting for a flight in an airport, but need to approve an urgent payroll payment. This is why we launched CitiDirect BE Mobile and CitiDirect BE Tablet to capture these inevitable mobile moments in today’s fast-paced economy. The mobile expectations of our B2B users are influenced by their personal lives.