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eMarketer Interview

Millennial Mothers Love to Splurge on Their Kids

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An interview with

Liz Hawks

Senior Vice President and Partner, FleishmanHillard


Interview summary

Babies don’t care what brands their clothes are, yet a number of big-name designers offer full-fledged clothing lines for babies and children. That’s because when it comes to splurging, mothers would often rather spend on their kids than on themselves. Liz Hawks, senior vice president and partner at communication and marketing company FleishmanHillard, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how motherhood shapes women as consumers.


eMarketer: Women are becoming mothers later than they have in previous generations. How does that impact them as shoppers?

Liz Hawks: There still hasn’t been a huge shift. Only one in five births today are to a mom that’s at least 35 years old, so I would be careful about making the correlation between moms’ shopping habits or purchasing behaviors and their age. These decisions are so much more about other influences that shape the motherhood stage.