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eMarketer Interview

Microsoft’s Four Pillars of Digital Transformation

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Anand Eswaran

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Services and Microsoft Digital, Microsoft

Interview summary

Microsoft’s digital and services businesses work with organizations across the globe on their digital transformation efforts. Corporate vice president Anand Eswaran recently spoke with eMarketer’s Jillian Ryan about how his team views digital transformation. In Microsoft’s view, there are four pillars that a company must follow on its road to transformation.


eMarketer: In your role at Microsoft, you work with an array of companies on their digital transformation efforts. How do you define digital transformation?

Anand Eswaran: Every company has to be on a journey to be a completely digital business—a business where every process used by the organization to function is digital. Technology is not an adjunct on the side. The strategy for digital transformation is leveraging technology to put digital at the heart of the business and to figure out what that means for the company.