Meredith Parents Network on 'Speaking' to US Millennial and Hispanic Mothers - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

Meredith Parents Network on 'Speaking' to US Millennial and Hispanic Mothers

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An interview with

Jeff Wellington

Vice President and Group Publisher, Meredith Parents Network


Interview summary

Meredith Parents Network, which includes media properties FamilyFun, Parents, Parents Latina, Ser Padres and Fit Pregnancy and Baby, focuses on the concerns of modern day families and motherhood through its publications and research. eMarketer’s Alison McCarthy spoke to Jeff Wellington, vice president and group publisher at Meredith Parents Network, about how the company’s brands connect with US millennial mothers, and what makes this group of mothers unique.


eMarketer: What is Parents doing differently to reach today’s young mothers?

Jeff Wellington: Parents is celebrating its 90th anniversary this October, so we’ve obviously needed to put the work in to understand each current generation over time. We’ve spent a lot of time on research and insights to understand the millennial market. This generation is all digital, all the time, so we reach them through multiple platforms and channels. We have our digital applications,, and, our custom solution division with custom publications and content, and our experiential division. When it comes to social media, we have the largest social footprint of any other parenting title.