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eMarketer Interview

Marketing in the UK: Last Click and Attribution Hiccups

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An interview with

Tim Webster

Chief Strategy Officer, The Exchange Lab

Topics: AdvertisingMediaMarketing

Interview summary

Viewers in the UK are spending their time across multiple devices, consuming news and other content in ways that leave marketers struggling to define attribution, according to Tim Webster, co-founder and chief strategy officer at The Exchange Lab, a UK-based programmatic media company that serves demand-side platforms globally. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke to Webster about how marketers are working to define measurement standards while ushering in cross-platform advertising.


eMarketer: We forecast 55% of all media spend in the UK going into digital advertising. What do you think about that?

Tim Webster: Fundamentally, this goes back to consumers and the way that all of us consume media. We all have multiple devices. Newspaper sales are down. We are consuming our news content on those different devices, and we are consuming it in a digital way. You can’t deliver a press ad on an iPad; you actually deliver a digital ad.