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Marketing in Taiwan: Social Media Killed Homepage Advertising

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An interview with

Joey Chung

Co-Founder and CEO, The News Lens

Topics: Advertising

Interview summary

Media consumption patterns are changing, and the notion of prime real estate for advertisers is changing along with it. At Taiwan-based digital news platform The News Lens (TNL), advertisers want access to its 7 million unique monthly visitors and its millennial following in Greater China, but they also want placements that give users a positive experience and put their ads in the right context. Joey Chung, TNL’s co-founder and CEO, spoke with eMarketer’s David Green about how the company works to make its digital ad inventory enticing to advertisers.


eMarketer: Can online news be the spearhead that drives ad budgets away from traditional media and towards digital?

Joey Chung: It’s definitely happening. More advertising revenue is being transferred from legacy media to digital media every year here. But overall, Greater China and the Asian market are still more risk-averse [than other markets]. The people who control marketing budgets know that digital is the future, but most don’t want to be the first to take that step. There’s still a gap between logical understanding and emotional acceptance.