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eMarketer Interview

Marketing in Singapore: Embracing Campaign Goals Over Metrics

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An interview with

Germaine Ng Ferguson

General Manager, Integrated Solutions and Analysis, StarHub

Topics: Advertising

Interview summary

Advances in Singapore’s advertising ecosystem leave the space rife with opportunity for brand advertisers. But before they take the next step, brands need to rethink the narrow metrics they use to measure success. Germaine Ng Ferguson, general manager of integrated solutions and analysis at Singapore-based telecom StarHub, spoke with eMarketer’s David Green about the state of the country’s advertising market and why some brands have the wrong approach to campaign metrics.


eMarketer: StarHub recently partnered with Nielsen to do TV audience measurement. Why are digital publishers and media owners shifting to work with third-party verifiers?

Germaine Ng Ferguson: For [our television audience measurement system] SmarTAM, 100% of the first-party data is coming from our set-top boxes. But even for that data, we worked with Nielsen as a verifier because they are known in the industry. This helps build trust with our advertisers.