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eMarketer Interview

Marketing in Italy: The State of Native Advertising

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Claudio Vaccaro

Co-Founder and CEO, UpStory

Interview summary

As native advertising gains prominence across Western Europe, many marketers are turning to specialist agencies to help them navigate this new terrain. One such agency is BizUp, a Rome-based digital marketing firm focused on content marketing and digital PR, and part of the Italian digital consultancy Alkemy. BizUp has a proprietary native advertising technology, UpStory. Claudio Vaccaro, co-founder and CEO of UpStory, is a member of the native advertising task force established by Italy’s Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Italia), and author of a new book on native advertising in Italy, published in May 2016. He spoke with eMarketer’s Karin von Abrams about the way advertisers in Italy view native advertising, and how the market is evolving.


eMarketer: How are native ads generally defined by the advertisers you deal with? Is there any confusion on this point?

Claudio Vaccaro: At the moment the main point of confusion for many is the difference between content production vs. distribution.