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eMarketer Interview

Marketing in China: WeChat Is Marketers' Must-Have Presence

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

R. Danielle Bailey

Head of APAC Research, L2


Interview summary

WeChat is a central focus for marketers interested in China’s market. The country’s top chat app has built an ecosystem of features to keep its users playing games, shopping, ordering food delivery, hailing taxis and giving money to their family and friends, all within the app. eMarketer’s Andria Cheng spoke with R. Danielle Bailey, head of APAC research at member-based business intelligence firm L2, about the promise of WeChat for marketers.


eMarketer: You’ve covered China since 2011. What has been the biggest surprise for you, and what is the difference you see between China and the Western market?

R. Danielle Bailey: In 2011, this phenomenon known as WeChat didn’t exist. When you see the emergence of platforms like WeChat, you start to see Asian brands themselves innovating and being real leaders, and the West try to copy the things that have worked in that market. Facebook Messenger, for example, very much mirrors what we’ve already seen work inside the WeChat ecosystem.

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