Marketing in China: Taking on Ad Fraud Gains New Urgency - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

Marketing in China: Taking on Ad Fraud Gains New Urgency

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An interview with

Calvin Chan

COO, AdMaster

Topics: AdvertisingVideoMarketing

Interview summary

(Not pictured)Peiyu RenVice President, ProductAdMaster China-based advertising technology company AdMaster released its second annual white paper on ad fraud, which highlights worsening conditions in China. Admaster has recently begun working with Tencent to combat fraud on its platform. eMarketer spoke with Calvin Chan, AdMaster’s COO, and Peiyu Ren, vice president of products, about the company’s call for all participants in the digital advertising ecosystem to collaborate on establishing advertising standards and enforcement mechanisms.


eMarketer: AdMaster’s digital ad fraud white paper highlighted that 30% of the digital advertising traffic in 2016 was invalid. Could you elaborate?

Peiyu Ren: Based on our data, invalid traffic worsened approaching the year’s end. From January to December 2016, the invalid traffic continued to climb, going from 28.9% to 38.7% of total advertising traffic.