Marketing in China: Should a Demand-Side Platform Be Uber-Like? - eMarketer
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eMarketer Interview

Marketing in China: Should a Demand-Side Platform Be Uber-Like?

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An interview with

Grace Huang

Co-Founder and CEO, iPinYou

Interview summary

As programmatic becomes a buzzword for China’s digital marketers, defining what counts as programmatic ad spending has become a source of confusion. eMarketer’s Andria Cheng spoke with Grace Huang, co-founder and CEO of iPinYou, China’s largest demand-side platform (DSP), about how she defines programmatic ad spending in China and the roles internet giants Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent play in programmatic.


eMarketer: What problem were you trying to solve in China by starting iPinYou?

Grace Huang: The way digital marketing was transacted was very manual and traditional. I realized it should be powered by technology and data, where, at the time, there was nobody talking about those two words. The market has totally changed since then. Everybody is talking about how important data and technology are to digital marketing.