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eMarketer Interview

Marketing in China: Programmatic Advertising Faces Hurdles

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An interview with

Charlie Wang

COO, ReachMax


Interview summary

ReachMax is a programmatic ad technology platform that delivers programmatic advertising for online video in China. Its core competency is programmatic direct ad buying, but it is expanding its offerings to services similar to those performed by an agency trading desk in Western countries. eMarketer’s Haixia Wang spoke with Charlie Wang, ReachMax’s COO, about adoption of programmatic advertising in China and the problems that automated ad transactions face.


eMarketer: What are the factors that will drive programmatic advertising in China in the near future?

Charlie Wang: The biggest driver is having more data for programmatic targeting. There are so many third-party data management platforms [DMPs] in Western markets, but in China, there aren’t as many third-party DMPs. Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (the BATs) are hoarders of data, and currently they’re not very open about using that data outside their ecosystem. So data is both a driver and an inhibitor of programmatic.