Marketing in China: Can Machine Learning Solve the ROI Problem? - eMarketer
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eMarketer Interview

Marketing in China: Can Machine Learning Solve the ROI Problem?

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An interview with

William Bao Bean

Managing Director, Chinaccelerator

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just the buzzword of the moment—it holds the potential to significantly change the marketing landscape in China and help companies market to the segment of one. eMarketer’s David Green spoke with William Bao Bean, managing director of startup accelerator Chinaccelerator, about how machine learning and AI are already helping marketers in China with their mobile messaging strategies, as well as budget allocations for influencer marketing.


eMarketer: What’s an area where AI is helping companies in China improve their marketing efficiency?

Bean: One of our companies, OCheng, is applying AI to WeChat commerce. WeChat service accounts are allowed to send a message to their followers once a week. OCheng can take customer relationship management data, look at the content people are engaging with, their purchase history, etc., and use machine learning to personalize these weekly messages. Instead of sending one message to a million people, you can send a million messages that are unique to each user every week.