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eMarketer Interview

Marketing in China: Combating Fraud in the Programmatic Ad Market

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An interview with

Andy Fan

Co-Founder and CEO, RTBAsia

Topics: Advertising

Interview summary

Ad fraud plagues China’s digital ad market, just as it does other markets, adding to brand safety worries for advertisers. In China, however, ad stacking and publishers’ reluctance to accept viewability detection have complicated the country’s efforts to combat fraud. eMarketer’s Andria Cheng spoke with Andy Fan, co-founder and CEO of RTBAsia, a service that fights digital ad fraud, about challenges unique to China and the benefit to marketers of using programmatic advertising technology to detect fraud before a bid is submitted.


eMarketer: Explain the idea of using programmatic to help combat fraud in China’s digital ad industry.

Andy Fan: Before programmatic came to China, there was no solution to fraud. With the old way, if you bought [a digital ad] and then realized that something was wrong, you had no way to solve it. The only thing you or your agencies could do is to call the publisher to say that there is something wrong with the data or the traffic quality.