Marketing in China: Can Chatbots Take Over Customer Service? - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

Marketing in China: Can Chatbots Take Over Customer Service?

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An interview with

Rita Chao

COO, Emotibot Technologies

Topics: MediaMarketing

Interview summary

As chatbot technology becomes more sophisticated, it is able to absorb a significant portion of a brand’s online customer service. Take Emotibot Technologies—the Chinese company’s chatbot was designed to read and react to 22 different human emotions, and clients like use the bot to have better machine-powered interactions with customers. eMarketer’s David Green spoke with Rita Chao, Emotibot’s COO, about the expanding role chatbots are playing for marketers.


eMarketer: How does Emotibot determine the emotion of the person who’s interacting with it?

Rita Chao: We combine three kinds of emotion detection to identify the user’s emotions. The first is text—we detect the emotion from text when users speak to the robot, and we transfer voice to text as well. The second is facial emotion, and the third is tone of voice.