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eMarketer Interview

Marketing in Canada: Drilling Down on B2B Digital Tactics

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An interview with

Justin Adler

Director, Product and Marketing, SourceKnowledge


Interview summary

Businesses in Canada have shifted their business-to-business (B2B) outreach to lean more on digital technology, according to SourceKnowledge, a data-driven performance analysis firm based in Canada. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke with Justin Adler, director of product and marketing at SourceKnowledge, about how practitioners have invested heavily in video advertising with the aim of reaching business clients.


eMarketer: What strategies are Canadian B2B brands using to market?

Justin Adler: The way Canadian businesses are advertising and doing acquisition has changed over the last several years. A lot of what’s happening is in the retail space, because of omnichannel marketing. Those strategies are integrated with digital marketing, utilizing tools like SEO [search engine optimization], SEM [search engine marketing], display, video and blending social with back-end marketing plans.