Lazada Execs on What Southeast Asia's Ecommerce Leader Is Doing to Stay on Top - eMarketer
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eMarketer Interview

Lazada Execs on What Southeast Asia's Ecommerce Leader Is Doing to Stay on Top

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An interview with

Charles Debonneuil

Chief Marketing Officer, Lazada Group

Interview summary

Pierre PoignantChief Operating OfficerLazada GroupeMarketer predicts ecommerce sales in Southeast Asia will more than double between 2016 and 2020, and ecommerce marketplace operator Lazada will likely play a central role in that growth. The digital retailer’s six sites in the region—in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam—drew more with 27 million combined visitors as of December 2015, according to comScore, and were the top ecommerce sites in each of those markets except Singapore that month. Although it has yet to be profitable, Lazada’s rapid rise spurred China’s Alibaba to purchase a controlling stake in the company from German parent firm Rocket Internet in April 2016. eMarketer’s Dustin Sodano interviewed Charles Debonneuil, chief marketing officer, and Pierre Poignant, chief operating officer, about Lazada’s plans and operations.


eMarketer: Who is the “average” Lazada customer?

Charles Debonneuil: Our goal is for online shopping to become a part of every person’s life in Southeast Asia, so we aim to reach consumers far and wide. We already see shoppers from all ages and locales reaping the benefits of ecommerce and we are quickly closing in on our goal.