For Kimberly-Clark, Ecommerce Is an Untamed Beast - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

For Kimberly-Clark, Ecommerce Is an Untamed Beast

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An interview with

Anthony Long

Global Ecommerce Technology Lead, Kimberly-Clark

Interview summary

From toilet paper to tissues, consumer packaged goods giant Kimberly-Clark sells products that everyone needs, but selling these products through ecommerce is another story. Anthony Long, global ecommerce technology lead at Kimberly-Clark, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how the company is responding to changes in consumer behavior and tackling ecommerce.


eMarketer: What does the term “digital transformation” mean to Kimberly-Clark?

Anthony Long: To us, the digital transformation is a representation of the change in the behavioral patterns of consumers. It’s the idea that the smartphone is everyone’s primary sidekick these days. In the minds of marketers, the transformation is a technological issue, but it’s actually a behavioral issue. The reality is whenever people have to fill a specific need or solve a specific problem, that journey starts with a smartphone. That has been the true transformation.