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eMarketer Interview

Investing in the Right Measurement Tools Makes a Big Business Impact

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Julie Fleischer

Vice President, Product Marketing, Neustar

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

It’s no secret that organizations that invest heavily in measurement and attribution technology tend to see better campaign results than those that don’t prioritize these areas. But a new study from marketing platform provider Neustar found that investing in measurement tools can also have an impact on the entire business. In fact, its study of 800 CMOs worldwide found that marketers that invest over 10% of their budgets on measurement are three times more likely to beat their sales targets by 25% or more. Julie Fleischer, vice president of product marketing at Neustar, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker to dig deeper into the results.


eMarketer: What stood out to you from the study’s findings?

Julie Fleischer: The study confirmed what most marketers know but seem to forget. It confirmed that an investment in marketing analytics, attribution and marketing performance measurement drives the business forward, and the organization typically gets back more than it pays.