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eMarketer Interview

Instagram Ads Deliver Only 'Basic' Metrics

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Amy Sherman

Senior Director, Digital Marketing, Moxy Hotels

Topics: AdvertisingMarketing

Interview summary

Because Instagram is so closely linked to its owner, Facebook, Instagram advertisers use many of the same tools as Facebook and take advantage of the social media giant’s targeting capabilities. When it comes to campaign performance measurement, however, Instagram is still behind, some marketers say. Amy Sherman, senior director of digital marketing at Marriott’s Moxy Hotels, spoke to eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about where Instagram excels and what it’s still lacking on the measurement side.


eMarketer: How is Moxy using Instagram from an advertising perspective?

Amy Sherman: We’ve used a few different ad types on Instagram this year. We use regular photo ads, but we’ve also done video ads and have been participating in the carousel ad beta as well. In a recent campaign for [Marriott’s] Renaissance Hotel brand, we ran a set of six ads and used those to optimize what would work best with the Instagram audience. We noticed we had a 32% higher cookie rate than our benchmarks, and a 40% higher ad recall.