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eMarketer Interview

In-App Browsers Bridge the Divide Between Native Apps and Mobile Websites

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

John Koetsier

Mobile Economist, Tune


Interview summary

Mobile apps and mobile websites are often characterized as foes competing for consumers’ attention. But they’re actually more like a married couple, with a strong tie that binds them together. eMarketer’s Cathy Boyle spoke with John Koetsier, mobile economist for mobile analystics and marketing platform provider Tune, about how in-app browsers link mobile’s two media channels, and how an outside force might soon shift consumer attention away from both apps and mobile sites.


eMarketer: How common is it for mobile webpages to be rendered inside native mobile apps?

John Koetsier: Extremely common. But it varies depending on the content category. If a publisher has news stories, funny stuff or quirky, odd little bits, the volume of webpage views coming from within social apps—especially Facebook—is huge. Easily 60% to 70% of mobile webpage views for these publishers come from mobile apps, and easily two-thirds of those views are from social apps, or news apps like Flipboard. On the other hand, views for more task-oriented information or local information commonly come from standalone mobile web browsers [Safari, Chrome, etc.], and are generally referred by Google.