How Walmart Addresses Customers' Concerns with Online Grocery Shopping - eMarketer
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eMarketer Interview

How Walmart Addresses Customers' Concerns with Online Grocery Shopping

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An interview with

Ravi Jariwala

Senior Director, Public Relations and Corporate Communications, Walmart eCommerce

Interview summary

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is rapidly ramping up its digital grocery shopping service, which allows shoppers to purchase online, schedule a delivery or pick up groceries at their local Walmart. eMarketer’s Patricia Orsini spoke with Ravi Jariwala, senior director of public relations and corporate communications for Walmart eCommerce, about why shoppers are using the service, what the barriers to customer adoption are and how Walmart is addressing those potential friction points.


eMarketer: What’s pushing shoppers to buy groceries online?

Ravi Jariwala: This is a service that really puts time back in their day. Between loading up the kids in the car, doing the grocery shopping, getting through checkout and packing the groceries into the car—that can take up to 2 hours on a busy weekend. Our shoppers are finding that entire trip is being condensed down to just a few minutes.